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Ways To Support Journey Out

Do you know about the many ways that you are able to support Journey Out?


In 2015, our name changed, but our mission remains the same, and it is to “to help victims of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking leave a life of abuse and violence, overcome their fears, and empower them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals”. We have been carrying out this mission for 36 years with the support and assistance of community members and partners.

If you decide to partner with us – through one of our various sponsorship opportunities – you will be contributing to our mission of safe-guarding the health and well-being of women of girls who are victims of sex-trafficking. The result of your help and our services means that these women, who often have a history of abuse; can go on to lead healthy lives.

Torch Bearers – Monthly Giving

The Journey Out Torch Bearers program provides our community sponsors with a hassle free way to make contributions to Journey Out; where they can be staggered over the course of a year. We welcome any monthly contribution rate that you will like to donate.


You should become a Torch Bearer if you want to support Journey Out’s mission, and help to make positive changes in the communities that we serve. If you believe that the girls and women caught up in sex trafficking deserve an opportunity for a chance out and a new beginning.  You should absolutely become a Torch Bearer if you have come across a victim of sex trafficking, came across a survivor’s testimonial, or read a news report about the violence that many are subjected to and have found yourself asking ---- what can I do? As A Torch Bearer you can make an impact; by joining with others who have decided to take action. Collectively, we can all make a difference.


To learn more about, or sign up to become a Torch Bearer please visit our Donations page on our website. Be sure to select your preferred level of giving. Specify in the “note” box that you will like to join the Torch Bearers monthly giving program. You may also learn more by contacting Cherise Charleswell, Development & Outreach manager at

Sustainers Circle

The problem of human trafficking is an undeniable epidemic and underscores the urgent need for our services.

In 2016, we actually received the most emergency calls, since our inception in 1980. Indeed, this points to the fact that sex trafficking in Los Angeles County, is an undeniable epidemic. Just last month on August 17, 2016 The Los Angeles Times reported that “the National Human Trafficking Resource Center lists California as the state with the highest number of reported sex-trafficking victims, with 682 cases reported this year.  Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego were listed in 2009 as three of the FBI’s top 13 child sex-trafficking areas in the nation.”  These reported cases only represent a fraction of the countless women who are being exploited who never come in contact with the justice system.

This has led us to establish our Sustainer Circle, which will help to ensure that Journey Out will be able to provide our critically need services for many years to come. Sustainers are a special group of community sponsors, who provide a $1,000 or more donation to Journey Out. 

Amazon Smile


Journey Out also has an Affinity Program with Amazon- Amazon Smiles. For each purchase that you make through Amazon Smile – Amazon will donate O.5% of the price of your purchase to Journey Out. You can register for Amazon Smile at   

Kroger Community Awards

Support Journey Out through our Affinity Program – Kroger Community Rewards. All you have to do is shop at a Kroger retailer – Food4Less or Ralphs – and swipe your Plus Card! The Plus Card can also be linked and used with your Food4Less Gas Rewards card. Kroger Community Rewards will donate a portion of your purchase to Journey Out.


If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card contact Cherise Charleswell, Development & Outreach Manager at or (818) 998-4970 and she can arrange to have one shipped to you. You can also register at using our Registration ID number: 84353.


Please remember that your enrollment in Community Rewards needs to be renewed each year. 

Employer Matching Gifts

Many companies actually have a Matching Gifts program, where a donation as little as $25 will be equally matched by an employer. Check with your employer to see if they offer a Matching Gift program, and you will be able to instantly maximize your contribution to Journey Out.



In Kind Donations

We always welcome In Kind donations of all types at our Drop In Centers. Carrying out our mission requires a variety of resources and supplies that are directly utilized by our clients. Please consider donating the following In Kind gifts:

  • Food
  • Clothing & Shoes– we ask that all undergarment donations be new items
  • Books – including magazine subscriptions
  • Hygiene Supplies – lotions, soap/body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, mouthwash, lip balm, hand sanitizer, menstrual pads, tampons.
  • Lipsticks – we ask that they be unopened/unused – they are an important part of our Outreach efforts.
  • Condoms
  • Office supplies – ink, copy paper, manila folders, pens, tape, staples – you name it!
  • Services
    • Copying and print services
  • Your “Know How”
    • Public relations expertise
    • Event planning expertise

Information technology expertise

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