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Healing Starts Here.

Join Journey Out this Fall to help victims on a path to healing ahead…

Healing often begins with accepting your own trauma. Journey Out’s team of case managers and advocates are experts in helping our clients navigate and determine the best path to moving forward. They support clients toward healing to break the cycle from exploitation to empowerment and freedom.

Many times, clients who are initially connected to Journey Out aren’t aware that the trauma they are experiencing is Human Trafficking. 

Recently, a victim was referred to Journey Out.  While one of our case managers was conducting an initial assessment, she defined what human trafficking is and the victim got teary-eyed and acknowledged her own history.  The victim NOW understood what she was forced into was human trafficking!  She was completely unaware that being forced into having sex with someone in order to have a place she could call home, was also considered human trafficking. This realization was especially emotional for her because what she was doing was her form of survival!

Stories like this are all too familiar at Journey Out. Your donation can directly support a person’s journey toward healing and can help fund a wellness kit catered to the personal needs of our clients. We would like to thank you in advance for your generous contribution to saving lives and educating victims about human trafficking.

Help Our Clients Along on the Healing Path: Sponsor A Wellness Kit. With your donation, we can offer victims more healing support. This Fall, donations to Journey Out will directly fund customized client wellness kits catered to their personal needs.